DR Project 
The "Orgasm-game" is a game concept made in collaboration with DR Viden (DR Knowledge). DR Viden came to us with a case; How can we (DR) create an interesting and knowledge-based game to our young target group. The "Orgasm-game" is based on a user-centred design process and Design Thinking. In the following site, I will describe the process in details:  

Design Thinking - The Design Process   

In the empathize phase, we discovered insights from the younger target group about their interests. First, we did some desk and field research about their interests about the "body" and the users play routines through both desk and field research. 
Based on individual and focus group interviews with the users, we were able to set up game criteria and find their interests within the subject body. By making a brainstorm, six high school students generated topics they found interesting. Together they brainstormed on subjects within the theme "body" and placed them in a Lotus Blossom chart. 
In the define phase, we used a synthesis method to create meaning from the data collected. From the synthesis, we ended up with the theme "sex", which was particularly related to the user's uncertainty about sex and sexuality. In addition, we found a number of design criteria, in which general game criteria and the target group's playing routines were combined which made the starting point for the new game.
In this phase, we started to develop game concepts with the users and the design criteria in mind. We used different creativity techniques to get as many and different ideas as possible.​​​​​​​

After coming up with the final concept during the ideation phase we started prototyping as a tool to develop the concept even more detailed. In the beginning, we used quick sketches which we later turned into an interactive prototype with the sketches. This is still a low fidelity prototype, which will be developed even more during this semester.​​​​​​​

Finally, we did prototype testing together with the users and DR to get feedback. From here, we made some iterations gaining new insights that helped us to improve and optimize the game. Watch the prototype at current state (click here)